Webetop Portable Generator 42000mAh Power Inverter Battery 42000mAh

  • Advantage:With larger power capacity 42000mAh, built-in more usb and dc ports. Perfect emergency power backup for home/ travel/ camping/ CPAP machine (Use DC-DC converter from your CPAP would get longer hours)/ rc helicopter/ laptop/ phones/ lights all electronic devices.
    POWERFUL AC, USB and 12V DC OUTPUTS: It includes variety of outputs, 110V Dual AC outlet(sine wave max 100W, peak power 150W) , Christmas lights etc / 3* 12V DC ports(max 180W, with an cigarette socket cable), car charger etc/ 3* 5V USB ports. Perfect for emergencies,camping or wherever you need power anytime.
    EASILY RECHARGEABLE VIA SUN,WALL OUTLET AND CAR: Easily be charged by solar panel(13V-24V/over 18W). Where there is sunshine, there is power. /or by wall outlet(7-8 hours fully charged,power adapter included) /or by car 12V adapter(car charger included). Easy and Fast! / Kindly Notice: The solar panel is not included with the generator, you need to buy separately!
    MINI PORTABLE & HIGH CAPACITY: The silent 155WH 42000mAh lithium ion batteries only weights 3.48lb with size 7.67*6.73*3.54 inch, possibly the smallest size in the market, cute and easy to handle. we can easily put it in our backpack or car, take to everywhere need power.
    ULTRA BRIGHT LED & MULTISAFETY GUARANTEED: It is powerful with bright led flashlight(125 hours), one-button switch to blink mode, good for outdoor illumination or emergency./ Our leading advantage is in safety operations. We use BMS (battery management system) to improve battery utilization, prevent short circuit /over current /over power /low voltage /over temperature, ensuring complete protection for you and your devices. NO DANGER, DO WORRIES!

Price: $188.88




Suggested Related Solar Panel(Not Included with generator):
It can by recharged by all 13V-24V, 18W or over 18W of solar panel, you can search "solar panal mc4" to buy. 

Caculate the Charging Time for Your Device:
For example, Your device power is 60 watt. Then the working time= 155wh/60w=2.58 hrs.

1. If you plug into AC outlet, the running time is about 3-4 hours, but if use DC-DC power converter, the running time would be much longer. So we sugget you use DC-DC converter when camping.
2. For ARB camping fridge that needs 1.35A, 12V DC powered, the time should be 9-10 hours.
3. For 50 watt standing fan, probably 3-4 hours working time.
4. Charge for string light, led starry light, fairy Light for garden, wedding, Xmas or Holloween party.

Widely Application:

1. With 110V AC (100 Watt) for your laptops,hair dryer, tv, dvd, lamp, fan, christmas lights etc.
2. With 3* 12V DC for car powered device under 100w, such as car vacuum, car refrigerator, car air fan, car charger etc
3. With 3* 5V USB ports for phones, iPad, gps, mp3, camera, rc helicopter etc.
Notice: the package come with power adapter,car charger and cigatette light adapter too.

Great for emergencies,camping,weekend trip or wherever you need power anytime anywhere.

1. Easy to use and reliable,safety.
2. Runs quiet, no heat, provides great stable power but notice not over 100watts.
3. Built with extra led flashlight, one button switch to blink mode, good for sos.
4. Most lightweight and compact handy design, easy to pack down in a backpack.

Three Ways of Recharging:
1. Easily be charged by solar panel(13V-24V 2.1A max): Using 50 watt solar panel can fully charge it in 8-9 hours. The solar panel is not included with the generator, you need to buy separately!
2. By wall outlet(7-8 hours fully charged,power adapter included)
3. By car(car charger included).

Multifunctional Safety Protection, protect the generator and device safetly:

  • Short-circuit protection
  • Over-currect protection
  • Over-power protection
  • Low-voltage protection
  • Over-temperature protection
Package include:
1* Power Generator/  1* Car Charger/ 1* User Manual
1* Wall adapter
1* Cigarette Light Adapter(with DC port tips out diameter 5.5mm-inner diamater2.1mm)


Technical Details



  • Web3089 WP-G0155 manual


Question: How much do this weigh?

Answer: Hi, it only weight 3.48lb, and also easy to put in packback. 

Question: How long does this unit take to fully charge with the car charger?

Answer: Hi, it is about 7-8 hours. 

Question: Can you use the cigarette lighter & USB port at the same time?

Answer: Yes, you can use the cigarette lighter and usb port at the same time. 

Question: Is it useful to turn on electric heater 120 volts, 12.5 amps during power outage ?

Answer: Hi, sorry, this generator only support device under 100 watt, if you want to turn on electric heater 120 volts, w suggest you choose our another style of generator: https://www.amazon.com/Webetop-Portable-Generators-Inverter-Emergency/dp/B076J65N4B, it can support device under 250 watt. 

Question: I have a cpap resmed airsense 10. will this work and how quiet or noisy is it?

Answer: Hi, yes, it work fine. As long as the device of power is below 100 watt. And also the generator is quiet, please do not worry.